Monday, December 13, 2010

Fabric Covered Ball Ornaments

My version of the fabric coverd ornament. (actually it is Martha's, but with my twist)

 One day last week, a friend of mine mentioned she saw "that guy" that you went shopping with in Charlotte on HGTV, decorating Kathy Lee Gifford's home for the holidays.   "that Guy" just might be "THE EDDIE ROSS!" I said!"  Anyway, she started talking about the Fabric covered balls that he did with Plaid shirts.

I have created these ornaments before, and now that my color scheme has changed in the new house, they were due for an update.  (the rusty red, and gold weren't going to cut it!)  My version is slightly different.  But has a similar effect.  Mine might be a little bit more taylored, but I love the way his turned out as well.  It actually would be nice to mix the two techniques.  I had learned mine years ago, from this tutorial by Martha Stewart how to create them.

So, I decided to update my ornaments.  My friend brought her kids over, and while all the kids created salt dough ornaments, out of dough that wasn't made correctly...woops:) (for another post) we created our fabric covered ornaments.  (muli-tasking at its best!)  AND everyone was happy!

The Materials for this project are simple.

2 or 3 inch styrofoam balls.  (I actually had a few of the 3 inch lying around)

Straight Pins.
6 strips of fabric cut on the bias, using this template.  I like to use dupioni silk and cotton.

Ribbon for trim and decoration.

The directions are simple.

1) Stretch your first piece of fabric from the top to the bottom (since it is cut on the bias it lays flat) Securing with your push pins. Continue around the ball until fully covered.

2) Then cut 6 pieces of ribbon and/or trim to cover the raw edges.

3) the top and bottom will be covered with pins, so it is nice to cover it up with some sort of embellishment.  I created a small bow with a vintage button attached and then looped a piece of ribbon around it to hang.  Martha has all sorts of other ideas from pretty pins to tassels.  OR if you just plan to put stack them in a decorative dish, just try to hide the imperfections:)

There you have it, really pretty ornaments.  I had fun updating my old ones and my friend used the Eddie version with scraps of fabric she had of clothes she had sewed for her 3 girls (very talented girl!)

We were joking that not only does she feel a little closer to Eddie, she feels a little closer to Martha, thru Eddie, thru me...Oh and to Kathy Lee.  You know 6 degrees of seperation:)

(and if my tutorial wasn't clear enough, I am sure that Martha's will be:)

Happy Monday!


Rene said...

Gretchen, these are beautiful! They remind of the ones my mother used to make when I was a little girl. I swore that I wouldn't make anything else this year, but maybe next year?


The Zhush said...

Out of everything that Eddie created over at Kathy Lee's house that day, the fabric covered balls were by far my favorite your take on them as well!

The Buzz said...

Gretchen, you are a crafty one! I had my hands full with wreaths and a tree so hats off to you to take the time to make something your own. Love your colors - perhaps you can sell these lovelies in your store?

pretty pink tulips said...

Love the hand made ornaments (which I have never done) and love your 6 degrees of separation with "that guy"! So cute!!!!

Happy homemade holiday!
xoxo elizabeth

pve design said...

Will you be selling these in your shop? I think they are swell and look so happy! You and "that guy" really have such talent!

quintessence said...

Love your "balls" - they are absolutely beautiful!!

LiveLikeYou said...

Those are beautiful and unusual. Wish I had some talent for Christmas decor!!!