Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just something cool.

via SFgirlbybay via Bri Emery.  Just so simple clean and gorgeous!
 As many of you know, I am a graphic designer by trade....I don't really write alot about the graphics side of things, probably because I have been doing it for so long.  But I love it when graphics AND interiors meld so wonderfully together.   

This morning, I was looking at the Rue Magazine Party that they had at the Lavish event in Atlanta this weekend, and came across their super talented graphic designer Bri Emery's site.  One thing led to anther and I ended up on San Fransico Girl by Bay where Bri does a Design Love Fest SPACES series on Mondays.  I started scrolling through and loved the how the graphics and interiors in the spaces that she has highlighted go together.  AND then I came across the picture above and thought...."concrete letters" what a great idea.  I have been wanting to find letters to add around the house but haven't been able to find unique vintagey letters that I really like. 

So a little google search led me to this site The Sign Factory  where you can buy the molds in many fonts and sizes. BRILLIANT.  They have every other kind of letter too, from the aluminum to wood.    (too bad it is so close to Christmas, it would have made killer, and unique presents. Maybe next year.

So if you are feeling crafty this would be an awesome thing to do.  It has just gone on my list (towards the top of course...)

Happy Thursday.


Rene said...

Very cool indeed!


pve design said...

how cool is that with a capitol C!
No wonder I like U! Graphic Designers are just my TYPE!

quintessence said...

What a fabulous idea. Sounds like you fell down the proverbial blogging rabbit hole - happens to me a little too often - but then you discover wonderful things like this!

pretty pink tulips said...

What a fun diversion this will be....following you through blog land. I had wanted to see photos of off I go!

That letter would look great at my house!!
xoxo elizabeth

Anonymous said...

I love the large "F" initial... so tasteful and a great way to incorporate letters into interiors.
Thanks for sharing and happy holidays!

Karena said...

Love to see large unique letters like these and molding your own for gifts....great idea!

I have a New Giveaway from My Sparrow, do come and enter!

Art by Karena

mydesignchic said...

How fantastic...don't you love how one thing leads to another in blogland...amazing!!