Thursday, December 9, 2010

I love a good soup.

my soup display at Thanksgiving.
 It has been unusually cold here lately.  I mean, we southerners aren't used to it.  I am really not complaining, because I am  happy to wear my scarves and gloves that rarely get used.  When we have cold weather like this I love a good soup.  I came across a recipe when I was planning for Thanksgiving, and actually used it.  (We had an Oyster Roast and Soup Midday instead of the normal appetizers, and it really turned out well)

Anyway, I wanted to share the recipe because it is just the perfect hearty soup for these blustery busy days.

It was delish with a little bit of Champagne.

Elwood's Ham Chowder
(taken from the Nov. 2002 Martha Stewart Magazine)
5 quarts

1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 pound Virginia ham, cut into ˙-inch
2 large onions, cut into 1-inch pieces
(about 3 cups)
4 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
2 bunches collard greens (about 1 pound),
stems discarded, washed, and roughly
1 28-ounce can whole tomatoes with juice,
roughly chopped
7 cups homemade or low-sodium
canned chicken stock
2 cups homemade or low-sodium canned
beef stock
8 medium red potatoes, cut into ˙-inch
cubes (about 6 cups)
1 1/2 tablespoons chopped fresh thyme leaves
1 1/2 tablespoons chopped fresh flat-leaf
Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper
Hot pepper sauce, such as Tabasco
Mise en place

1. Heat the oil in a large stockpot over medium-low
heat. Add the ham, and cook until it starts to release
juices, about 2 minutes; do not brown. Add the
onions and garlic; cook, stirring occasionally, until
soft, about 10 minutes.

2. Working in batches, if necessary, so as not to
overcrowd the pot, cook the collard greens, tossing
frequently with tongs, until thoroughly wilted. Add
the tomatoes and juice, chicken and beef stocks,
potatoes, thyme, and parsley. Bring to a boil, and
reduce heat to a gentle simmer; cook, stirring and
skimming any foam from the surface occasionally,
until the potatoes are easily pierced with a paring
knife, 30 to 40 minutes. Remove from heat; season
with salt, black pepper, and hot pepper sauce, as desired.
Serve hot. 
It is REALLY good with the tabasco!  


Rene said...

The comforts of soup...would love to spend time cooking and visiting in your lovely kitchen Gretchen.


quintessence said...

That soup sounds fabulous - I'm hoping I'll have time to give it a test run! And just love your soup bowls. Not to mention everything tastes better with champagne!

pretty pink tulips said...

Soup (with tabasco) and champagne. I would be in hog heaven!!!! Love seeing the little makings of your dishes.

It is FREEZING up here today. I could use a big bowl of something warm.

xoxo e

Amy R. said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe, it looks like yours turned out beautifully.

Amy R.

pve design said...

Will you be selling this too...I would order some!
I was raised on Soup on Sundays and one time a friend came from college and he could not believe that would be our supper! Soup with all sorts of beans and veggies. Nothing tastes better on a cold day...well maybe champagne....just might top that!