Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adding to the Collected Wall

The new 'addition'
A couple of months ago I won a giveaway from Julie at Milk and Honey Home.  She was giving away letter posters from Methane Studios.   Original Screen prints...I mean, I had my fingers crossed fo sho! She will be doing another one in September, so pop on over to check it out. I of course wanted the "O", and was happy to see that the colors would go perfectly in my Den.  Seriously ya'll, with a name like OPGENORTH, (a not so perfect name, but I OWN it!) it was kind of  design serendipity that the colors would go so perfectly. So I hopped myself over to the 50% OFF frame sale at Hobby Lobby...(really, if you want frames you have to wait for these sales, they rotate every few weeks.) and bought myself a couple frames.  Oh, and another thing.  Check your receipt, because the girl at the front didn't give me my 50 on one of the frames....so I called her on it, of course, and stood in line for ANOTHER 10 minutes to rectify.  Worth all $16!

Oh, and the painting of my sweet boy, finally got the frame he deserved:) With a little cojoling from the artist/mom...she is having an art show soon and needed the artwork to be "properly" displayed. (so my collected wall, will look a little sparse for a few weeks, what am I going to do??  One of the things I love about a collected wall, is you can swap things out if you need to, and it still looks good.

Onward and upward, ya'll.


mom said...

Thanks sweetie -- Ben looks so much better framed :-) I also like the framed "O" A collected wall can be informational and fun and fortunately for me -- fluid.

Holly said...

That letter poster is a great touch and I love the colors going on. I have to check out that artist who does the posters.