Thursday, August 25, 2011

Class is in Session

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(Great example of graphic, interior, furniture design)

Recently, I have been asked the question quizzically "what exactly DO you do?"...Hmmm, sometimes I ask myself the SAME question! my answer usually goes something like this

  "Well, I am a freelance graphic designer by I am translating that talent into the Interior World....a dream of mine...melding the two together....I basically have been designing most of my life." (not the best elevator pitch, but it will do for now!)

Which has made me think, what makes Graphic Design "translate" into Interior Design?  I know there are some guiding principles that overlap.  So I got out my design books and started looking into it...I might innately know the principles, but I thought it might be fun to delve into it and really look at the correlation.

 And over the next month I am going to show you why Graphic Design a predominantly 2D world translates into Interiors a 3D world....with a few guiding principles.  I bet I will learn something along the way too!

Class is in session!


pve design said...

After all, fonts and furniture really do go hand in hand!
I am adding interior design to my design services too.

Holly said...

Great topic and one that I have thought about as I feel like I've come across a few graphic designers who are also doing interiors. I would think that having some experience and knowledge of color has to help as well, but I will wait for your classes :) to learn some more.

Cathy Wall said...

This practicing decorator who studied to be a graphic designer can't wait for class to begin! I'm hoping it will help my elevator pitch too...