Monday, August 22, 2011

Going back to my design roots

It started off here...a drawing with "permission markers"

 The Graphic Design ones.  I have always been a lover of pattern.  All of my doodles revolve around pattern.   How they evolve and repeat it has always been my forte per say::)

Sooooo late last week, I got an itch to bring out the sharpies and start  some pattern drawing.  If I am going to do this textile thing, I need to learn to match the patterns in illustrator.  So let the practicing/obsessing begin! 

I am kind of liking them.  The stripe will be a large scale 18-20".  Does anyone else feel like the "right" striped fabric is always elusive, whether it is the colors or the scale, I am never quite happy when it comes to stripes.  I think I am going to design my own from NOW on!

Starting to feel like this textile design stuff is kind of fun.

Happy Monday!


Shanika Pichey said...

I always feel like it is hard to find the "right pattern" that you need. Maybe custom design is the way to go!


Hi, Gretchen! Thanks so much for stopping by - it's great to find you and your blog. I am sort of obsessed with textiles and would love to design my own one day so I'm so excited to see what you are doing. All the best, Ally

Holly said...

I had to read further to see what permission markers was all about - ha! You are creative as always!

Cathy Wall said...

Gretchen, these are fabulous! I am a sucker for stripes, so love the eyelet stripe!



Love them all! And yes...sometimes I often think I can not find the perfect fabric. Wouldn't it be great to just design it!!! Love what you did, can't wait to see more!