Monday, August 8, 2011


My little Beaker Vase.

Thought everyone might need some flower power this morning.  I know I do, and these little Black Eyed Susans are just the ticket.  These little flowers are some of the only things that are blooming heartily in this 100+ degree heat.

I found the little beaker vases at an Estate Sale up in Georgetown when I was there...yes ya'll I can't help myself even when on vacation!

Maybe these flowers will inspire me to get organized, because I also found one of these at the same Sale for $ was the last day and one of the ONLY things left.  It is an original Dorothee Becker Utensilo Wall Organizer.

The estate sale people were like, I can't believe that stayed so long, etc.   It was super dirty, and has gotten a cleaning, but has yet to start organizing.  Feeling inspired by all of the uses it has been put to.

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Feeling the Urge to Organize...yeah, me either:)

Happy Monday!

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hollyG said...

Yes, I need flowers, coffee, more coffee to get me moving - got lots on my to-do list and need to stay motivated. What great finds.