Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sawhorse Table

A closeup of my most recent creation.

 Has anyone else noticed the sawhorse tables are everywhere?

via Southern Living

via decorpad

via FunkyJunk Interiors
Now that is good idea!

via Remodelista

I personally really like them, I think they are functional in most spaces, can be used as a desk or a dining table...they can be modified easily, wood on top, glass on top, zinc top, marble get the idea:)

Well recently, during a friend/client install/zhush (a very rushed, need to have this done because we are having a party in a couple hours zhush.)  I looked around the corner of the driveway and saw some sawhorses....I had an AhHAH moment, if ever there was one.  The next conversation went something like this.

I ran inside and said...."Are you using those Sawhorses for anything?"

"Well, we were going to use it for the canoe, but as you can see..."

I interrupted the thought (this is a friend and I can do rude things like that!) And said "I just found your table."

The reaction was, "I thought we were using the other one."

"Well, I just found a better option, Trust me."

"you know we have a party in a few hours, but I trust you."

Thank goodness for friends/clients that trust, because I was able to pull it off, and it is FABULOUS!!!!  A beautiful table for $26!!!!  $26 you way.  Yes, way!!!! and the money is in the top.  It looked like this when I bought it.

Hollow Core Door from Lowes $26

Voila!!!!  Table for 6 or 8

2 hours before guests were to arrive, I decided to paint it.  There was doubt in everyone's eyes.  First I mixed leftover wall paint with water to get a whitish base, and then I went over it with leftover black paint mixed with water.  All with a rag.  It totally goes with the real worn sawhorse bases. 

Here is me saying
"Um, yeah...I just finished this 2 hours ago...please remember to use a coaster:)"

What is great about this table, is that it will double as a desk.  The cool black leather chair on the side will be behind it, and a lamp(s) will be added on the side.  Versatility at it's best!

It really adds to the rustic/chic vibe we are going for in the space. 

Most out of the box retailers have created some version of the sawhorse legs and table from under $50 to A couple thousand.

via Williams and Sonoma $1350
via $45
via Ikea $39.99
OR you can buy yourself some 2 by fours (or find some old worn decking on the road) and build some of your own the world is your "sawhorse" oyster!

14 plans for Sawhorses

Oh, and FYI I am on the rerun of Nate again today.  My 5 minutes of fame has been extended to 10!


larawinburn said...

What a clever girl you are!!!

Holly said...

WHA?! Another reason why you are FABULOSA! That table is awesome. And so important those two words "trust me" are as you blew it out of the water with that quick update. And where is that great blue/purple dress from that you have on?

Gretchen O. said...

Thanks Holly and Lara, yes my family and friends never quite know what to expect when I say "trust me"!! The dress is anthropologie, but I found it with tags on at local consignment store!! and the belt at anthro too, from my nate appearance.

pve design said...

horsin around again!


BAM!!! I love it!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Gretchen, I love, love it. Great job and I can't believe you pulled it off so fast. It's really fabulous, not the least bit hokey. Sister has been wanting a sawhorse desk...we are going to have to try this. glad to find your blog. Mona

Splendid Willow said...

Gretchen, so good hearing from you again!

Ok, this is incredible! It looks like you worked on that table for weeks!

I bet that your friends found another solution for the canoe.. And they must be hosting dinner parties all the time now!

5 stars!

ox, Mon

carolinagirl said...

this is just fabulous! i have been searching for an old barn table for so long for my patio. Now i think i'll head over to my habitat for an old door and make this table. Thank you!!!