Monday, August 29, 2011

The Suspense

I am really excited about TV today, because one of my favorite shows HGTV's Design Star

is going to be on another one of my favorite design shows The Nate Berkus Show.  

The suspense is killing me!  Now that they are down to 4 contestants, I am very interested to see how they measure up in this challenge.   This is one of the times where I can say, I kind of know how they are feeling....although, they should be pros by now!  I hope that they are as excited as I was to be on Nate, and don't let the nerves (or the audience)...or Nate's presence for that matter get to them!

Any guesses as to who will win this week?  Who is your favorite?

My guess for this week's standout to be Meg, because she seems to be so great on camera...although she  does tend to submarine herself.... and for the loser to be Kellie....just because they didn't show her in the trailer (love how producers play with your mind.) My feeling is that Karl and Marc will be in the finals....because they had a girl/girl finale last year, it is time for the males to shine.  Me playing producer again!

Anyway, you will know where I will be at 1:00 and 8:00 tonight...right in front of the TV!

(as if I didn't watch enough tv this weekend...I turned my ankle on Friday, cried like a baby, and was on the couch popping bon bons all per the Dr.'s instructions. (not the bonbons part....but the stay off your feet I let my children tend to my every need and want!! HA!, yeah right!!!!) 

Happy Monday.

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Holly said...

I just caught up on this episode after coming back from vacation. Meg and Karl are my favorites - so as long as one of them wins I'll be happy. Loved what Meg did with the moldings in her room.