Sunday, June 27, 2010

Studio in DCity

Recently, I received a Design 911 call from my supercalafragilistic sister Erin who lives and works in Washington, DC. She just moved into a studio apartment and had a small budget to furnish it and shnazz it up. Deadline? She wanted to get it done over the weekend. She need H-E-L-P, and I was up for the challenge. Seriously, offer me a trip to DC by myself (!), with design on the agenda? Yes please! So I put my thinking cap on, and got started. Here's what I think about when given a design challenge.

Every room needs a great rug, and this became the inspiration for the design + color palette, oh la la.
1) I run down to HOUSE OF RUGS to find something gorgeous. I knew they would let me take a few, and we would decide. (check)

Thank goodness I keep odds and ends (and the occasional treasure) stashed in my garage.
2) I look in my garage for anything that might work for the new design.  Going for contemporary/modern with a vintage twist.  2 Bent arm chairs-- Erin will die over these. (check)

Artwork!! But of course.
3) I create a piece of artwork to hang on her walls that is very personal and will make her smile. Personal artwork is the greatest gift of love! (check)

Hobby Lobby-- horrible name, great finds.
4) I take a trip to Hobby Lobby for a few decorative items (check)

5) I fill a box with decorating must haves, hammer, nails, staple gun, paint, glue, measuring tape...etc.  Oh and a space plan....I had her take pictures.

Oh, right, BABYSITTER! Call Grandma and sweat the response. Should be in like Flynn bc she's a sucker when it comes to sister emergencies.
6) Drop off kids, and make my way to DC.

I'm always keeping an eye out for antique stores, et VOILA!
7) I find a HUGE antique store off of I-85 (b.c I can and don't have kids, a luxury)  and pick up 1 vintage cane back chair (it's FABoolous!), and great fabric, to boot.

Ahhhhhh yes, the design is bubbling in my head and I cannot WAIT to get there! I hope she LOVES it as much as I do.

Studio in DCity, here I come.

 Stay tuned...


Christie said...

G -

I LOVE the new blog. I just read all of your posts and it is so inspiring. I can't wait to see the "after" photos from your sister's place. I need help on my bedroom next!


Gretchen said...

Thanks C, Well you KNOW I would LOVE to help you with your bedroom! Talk to you later