Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hello from the world of summer with kids.  I am having trouble completing thoughts at the moment, in between...'i need this, I need that', I am hungry,' etc. etc. etc and on and on.   soooo, this is all I can muster for the day.

I am seeing it on a tee shirt, a poster or MY FOREHEAD.

Have a great day, and I hope that SOMEONE out there is able to complete a thought.  Anyone else having the same problem?



pve design said...

Summer should be a time to not have too many thoughts that need completing. They grow so fast! I feel the same way, but in a few fast weeks, it will be back to school and maybe then our thoughts will have time to be completed. We hope~

Gretchen said...

Thanks! I needed that...they are growing so fast, my oldest starts kindergarten this fall...(insert tear:) and I know that I will miss them when they are back to school, it just might be TOO quiet!