Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sew HOT!

Made from Dupioni Silk  and Lawn Bias Tape
that I had for a top that was never made.

The Back is a sample swatch from Robert Allan.
My signature, I never quite finish anything. 
Mommy duty called, but it still looks nice.

I t is so HOT here that going outside is miserable!  I thought I would have a sew day...or couple hours yesterday.      Since it is HOT, the children are inside, so my productivity level isn't exactly steller, but it made me happy, and it was just the punch of color my living room needed. As my daughter said.  "Mommy does that pillow stand for Ophganorse":)  Why, honey, yes it does!

Feeling very inspired by this room.

Melissa Warner's Rental Apartment
Photographed for the cover of House Beautiful May 2010 issue.

Have a great, and hopefully not as hot as it is here day!


Rene said...

The pillow is beautiful and I have too laugh with because many of my projects are like that. Mommy duty calls and mine are 11 and 14 :)


Gretchen said...

As long as it looks good, who needs a hem or a zipper???:) Thanks for stopping by!

pve design said...

The pillow and the room both look cool!
I love that Mommy duty keeps us on our P's & Q's and O's!

Gretchen said...

pve-Isn't that the truth??? And they remind me of it constantly, those little rascals:)