Monday, July 19, 2010

No wonder....

Me in NYC!

S o I just got back from NYC and it is back to the the daily grind (well, since it is the summer I wouldn't necessarily say daily grind, but it is back to reality FOR SURE!  Anyhoo, we had an amazing time, there was so much to see and do, we didn't even scratch the surface.  All I can say is NO WONDER there is sooo much creativity in the city.  I mean, every where you look there is inspiration AND resources to follow thru with what you are inspired by.  Little room for excuses, like I can't FIND the perfect fabric, or I wish I could finish this project, but I just can't find the right trim, or fabric, or, or.  (I couldn't possibly be talking about moi!)  On Thursday, I had the WHOLE day to myself, and I just wandered.  I also was without ANY technology so it was REALLY just wandering, no searching on the ol' internet for the next stop, good old fashioned map in hand where will my feet take me.  Which was actually really fun, b/c having no plan I just happened upon a few places that otherwise I wouldn't have found. 

Here are a few high points of the day.

Has anyone ever been to M&J trim?  I wanted to come right home and make pillows, and belts, and clothes, and curtains, and, and, and. I was actually restrained and didn't buy anything, b/c once I picked one thing there would have been a snowball effect, and it would have been ALL over!

The next stop was ABC Carpet and Home in the Flatiron District.  I REALLY wanted to see the Madeline Weinreb carpets, and the HOME part of the store.  I was NOT disappointed.  Once I save a little $$$ I will be buying a couple carpets...but at least I got to touch them:)  And ALL Of the Eye candy in the Home part of the store....I couldn't stop snapping.

I am in LOVE with this Madeline Weinrib RUG. Destined for my home...someday!

Going Down into the Basement Clearance section....SOOOOO much to see.  You see my green rug on the floor.

over at the ABCHome store across the street...
The Pink ottoman and chair and white globes....ABC marketing.  THe whole store had Pink for sale signs everywhere and this was part of the whole marketing scheme.  The graphic designer in me appreciated this.

This Juxtopostion of green glass and rustic is so gorgeous.
About this time I was HUNGRY so I stopped in for a Fantabulous lunch at ABC Kitchen  a Jean George restaurant, all organic, biodegradelble experience. All I could keep saying to myself was 'I die, I die, I die'  The pure definition of BLISS:) Sigh:)  Here is my lunch.  I mean... when they started setting my place setting, I thought, "could I have picked a better place."  A cross between modern, vintage, rustic, and refined. I just can't get over the rustic tables with the wood tops and metal bottoms, and the white chairs.  Look at the photograpy on the wall.  And the romanticism of the chandaliers.

Notice my lunch setting.

The butcher paper placemat, and the antique silver silverware, and saucer.  The MENU was so cool and simple, attached to a corrogated cardboard peice with silver clips.

And my lunch menu...all organic.

1st Course.
Beet Salad with Yogurt

2nd Course
Portabello Mushroom Sandwich with Fries.

Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce and Caramel Corn.  DELISH will try at home.

Oh and devine!


All in all an AMAZING experience at the Restaurant would HIGHLY reccommend. 

After my tummy was full, I began my trek back to the hotel stopping into a couple Pop Up Stores/Sample sales that were on Madison Ave.  I stopped into Wolf Home.  Just walked around and touched the fabrics, and dreamed.  Only if....

This is a new concept store by Warren Kay a textile Guru formerly of Silk Trading. 
Here is more info about it.  Awesome!

And then, I walked, and walked, and walked, and about the time my feet said 'no more, no more' I was about 5 blocks away from the hotel and I just COULDN'T justify getting a cab so I limped into the hotel and CRASHED on the bed, my mind swimming, me swooning, oh NYC I wish I could have more, and then I fell asleep...a nap, a REAL nap, no interruptions, just sleep.  I know NYC is known as the "city that never sleeps" but they are not talking about a Mom who is away from her kids, who just had an LONG inspirational walk downtown, popping into stores of her choice, with a full tummy from an amazing lunch BY HERSELF (with wine I might add:), have I said Bliss before, well BLiss again. Bliss I tell you, OH NYC I LOVE YOU!

Til next time...


Christie said...

It looks like you had a great day exploring by yourself! I can't wait to hear all about it.

Michelle said...

I must say I am pretty jealous!!!

Gretchen said...

Thanks Christie and Michelle!

Michael - Innkeeper said...

wow! i love the rustic and green glassware too! beautiful!!!

pve design said...

next time you are in nyc - please come for dinner, i am a short fast train ride up the hudson!

Gretchen said...

Thanks Patricia you are so sweet! After the trip, I told my husband that this will HAVE to become an annual if not bi-annual trip!