Friday, July 9, 2010

climbing mount blueberrious...

Me in the blueberry bush:)

H Has anyone ever picked blueberries?  Well yesterday, I was given a collander and instructions to fill it up with berries.  I thought no 'big deal, I will be back in a sec'....Oh no, no, no.  45 minutes later I had filled up my bucket in 120 degree heat (that might be an exageration, maybe 98 but it was HOT!)  You see my mom has 8 blueberry bushes, and she picks them EVERY day, when they are in season...she has to stay ahead of the birds:)  She needed a break, and I understand why!  WOW.  I have a new appreciation for the real work that goes into those blueberry muffins she makes:)  Not easy work, but so yum....maybe let the birds have a few:)

{The Bounty}

Maybe Ann Sacks was thinking of blueberrys when they created these AMAZING to DIE for Tiles.

Browse more of Ann Sacks glass mosaics here.

Have a great weekend.  I am determined to do so:)

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