Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Crab Feast...

watercolor painted by Ceci Kueltzo

W ell,  I am missing out, and feeling pretty bummed out about it. Every year my grandfather hosts a Crab Feast in Annapolis, Maryland with the star of the party a bushel(s) of scrumptious, juicy, Maryland Crabs. Maryland is famous for their crabs,and rightly so, YUMMO! Ever since I can remember this has been a family tradition, July/August we all gather for a day of family and crabs. My immediate family made the trek from South Carolina crossing the mason dixon into crab country. The tables (old wooden card tables) are set with newspaper, and all of the cracking tools, a roll of paper towels, and a pile of crabs.

We all sit around and pick, and eat, pick and eat, until we just can't stand it any more. My mouth is watering as I write!

As any card carrying Marylander knows, there IS a proper way to pick is a right of passage for a an Eisele child to be able to pick their own crab. I remember my grandfather would sit over us until we knew the right way, and then we were able to work on picking on our own (his generation does not want children wasting perfectly good crab!) He still keeps a watchful eye today, and if he feels you have wasted any, he will call you out! I hope my family had a great day! I wish we could have been there.

Here is a bit of crab feast eye candy, via the girls at Design SpongeTHis table is gorgeous!  Look at those lights.

Dahlias are so pretty, and the invites are perfect.  Notice the use of butcher paper instead of newspaper, very chic.

I am feeling like my husband would really like the beer idea!

Crab feasts really are an easy AND FUN way to entertain!  Come on, the summer isn't over yet...This is inspiring, I feel a party coming on!  I am feeling better alread



Rene said...

I must have missed this on Design Sponge. Crab feasts are big where my husband is from (Maryland). They spread out newsprint and pour the crab onto the table. It's lots of fun, but not quite as pretty as the images in your post.


Gretchen said...

Makes you want to go right out and have a feast! My family is originally from Maryland as well, although I have lived down south most of my life. My sister and brother both live in DC now, so I do get to visit more often. Thanks for stopping by!