Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where do you Blog Party!!

My vintage drafting stool, a vintage tray to catch loose papers, the occassional flower arrangement, and some old books.

I found out through one of my favorite blogs,Cottage and vine that Centsational Girl is having a party.  Where do you blog?  Not wanting to miss out on a party, and the fact that I think it is fun to see where all of these fabulous blogs are created., I decided to come too!  I might have been a little bit late, but just under the wire:)

The Pantry part of the kitchen.  There is storage under the desk to the left for all of my paper, etc.  The drawers are really only 4 drawers, but I wanted it to look like an old printers cabinet.

You can't see the pile of shoes under my desk...he,he.

I scrambled and cleaned up my desk area and took a few pictures.  This is where I blog, in my new Pantry/office in our new house.  I designed the kitchen and this is one of my FAVORITE parts.  I have my own space, but am still connected to the rest of the family, i can even cook, do laundry, and blog!  The laundry is to the right. (You will NOT see pics of the laundry, is because it is a mile high right now!)

I am attaching a before of this space too, so that you can see what it used to look like (it wouldn't have been very inspiring to work there!)

This is the office before...notice the lovely yellow floors.  YUCK!



Rene said...

I'm so glad you joined in Gretchen and couldn't wait to come check out your nook. Those cabinets are amazing! Love the vintage chair all ruffled up. Thanks for the plug :)


Kwana said...

What a beautiful space you designed. I love it!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Love the desk and all the storage!

pve design said...

I knew it would be graphically pleasing.
love your space.