Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A weekday flower arrangement

There are many things that make me happy, and flowers are one of them.  I try to pick up fresh flowers once a week at the market.  It is amazing what you can do with the grocery store flower bundles.  I think  $7.99 for a few days to a week (depending on the freshness of flowers) of happiness is one of my best expeditures:)  It always makes me sad when I see these bundles of flowers just plunked into a tall vase, choking the elegance that even a mum can have.  With a little creativity, and looking at containers in your cupboards/china cabinet: in a new way, YOU can do this too. (no floral foam involved:)  here are a couple of tips to make your flower arrangement last.

I was really drawn to the dark pink gerber daisy, and yellows.  It is a sunny yellow kind of week.

Right when you get home, snip the ends of the arrangement (VERY IMPORTANT) and put in tepid water.  NOT ice cold, or hot just tepid..  these 2 things allow the arrangement to drink the water.  Also, do you see the packet in the background???  They put that in there for a reason USE IT.  If you don't use it you can use a couple of drops of bleach.  kills the bacteria and makes the flowers last longer.

if time allows let the flowers drink for at least 30min if not longer.  I kept these drinking for a little while...(many other things to attend to.) I even had a friend come over and say, "what pretty flowers on your countert"  I said "come back later and see what I do with them, they are just drinking now.:)  (the lemons were just on the countertop, no use for them in the arrangement this time.  but they would be pretty in that vase, no?

This was a happy accident.  2 of my gerbers broke when taking out of the sleeves...impatient me.  So if you want the long elegant look, BE CAREFUL when taking gerbers (or any other flower)  out of the sleeve.

I used a silver (and a little tarnished) sugar bowl for one of my vessels, the mums and daisies look so pretty, something about that yellow and silver...

also used a piece of my pink depression glass, it is a little compote.   And I elevated it with a little stand that I have.  

 A couple more tips.

Just because there is a long stem, does not mean you have to use it, cut the flower down short, it is the pretty part anyway.

leaves harber bacteria, don't let leaves touch the water.

Notice there was a bit of greenery that I did not use.  Just because it is there doesn't mean you have to use it either:)

oh, one more thing.  freshen the water in your arrangement, don't think the flowers like that stinky water, you can eke out a day or so more in prettyness.

Anyway, there you have it. 

Have a great day, and next time you are at the grocery store, pick up some flowers, I bet they will make you happy too:)


Rene said...

Flowers make me happy too Gretchen. Your arrangements are beautiful and have inspired me.


mom said...

See?! Again I learned something :-)

Liz, Viive and Benji said...

Hi! I found you on pve. We have a lot in common, so come visit us too. We love flower arranging, gardens and interior design. I am a fan of modern farm tables--nice round up.