Friday, August 6, 2010

Afternoon Showers

 Another recent impending storm in the car photo.

T here is something that I love about thunderstorm, especially in in the afternoon light. The dark blue grey with the green and the backlight with the sun on the trees.  So when I was driving to my hometown of Aiken, SC to see my parents for the day, I just had to take these shots.  I was in the sun, and the storm was moving towards us, it was about 5:00 and the light was GEORGEOUS.

  I did endure a battle wound to take these shots....My feet are hating me, b.c I stepped on a blackberry vine that pulled under my toes in my sandels... I spent 30 minutes picking briars out of my feet.  (my daughter said, "Wow mommy, that must hurt, b.c I really cried really hard when I had 1 splinter!", at least she understood my pain:)

Here are a few rooms that may have been inspired by a storm.
Via Designer Steve Gambrel

via Designer Steve Gambrel

via decorpad
Elle Decor via Decorpad

Have a great weekend.

Footnote: As I write this  we are haveing an awesome afternoon shower, with my laptop unplugged of course:)


Rene said...

I totally agree with you. The gray of the sky against the backdrop of a summer storm. Those images are all very nice and I could move right into the room with the fur throw at the foot of the bed.

So sorry about your foot.


pve design said...

I love a good and broody storm. Sorry to hear about your foot.

Gretchen said...

Thanks! I was really only in pain for a was just one of those moments!

Dining and Decor said...

You're right...the light was gorgeous because your pictures are beautiful. And even though the storm was coming, your pictures look so very peaceful.

Glad to hear your foot is now fine.