Monday, August 30, 2010

Fresh Toile

free downloadable toiles from Wren Design
Did you know that this year is the 250th birthday of toile? I didn't know but I learned it from Wren .  In honor of this very special occasion, she created two toile patterns (including “Darling Toile,” blue and "south african" pink) in honor of her native South Africa for the design magazine Visi. They’re free for download from this link.  Isn't that so nice of her??? When I think of toile I think more feminine type decor, but this is totally rough and tumble cool.  She is a great designer, and you must stop by her blog AND she has a etsy shop.

I am not a super "toile lover" but I think these patterns might just be swaying me.  Here is some more toilespiration. 

by French fabric makers Manuel Canovas 
This orange, brown, and white is an updated colorway, and we all know I have been into orange lately.

Traditional Home April 2010
(Quadrille fabric pattern “Paradise Background”)

apartment therapy- red clawfoot tub eclectic bathroom
eclectic bathroom design
Isn't the red just awesome.

Violet Room traditional bedroom
traditional bedroom design
Very calming tile bedroom.

And here is an interesting take on toile.  With an needle and thread Historically Innaccurate Decorative Arts  Richard Saja  takes traditional toile fabric and embroiders modern day icons such as UFOs, bunny eras and Mohawks over the toile design.  Really creative.  And if you look at it in the context of the toile design, can be quite humorous.

Happy Monday.


Rene said...

Look at your great picture over there on the sidebar!! It's so nice to see you!

I enjoyed the toile post and isn't she a dear to share a link to download? We could all use a small dose of it, I think.


Moi said...

Thanks Rene! I always like to see the person behind the words, so I thought I would add it.


pve design said...

note to self; get a nice photo for side bar like Gretchens and add some toile somewhere!

Gretchen O. said...

Thank you patricia! And I LOVE the photo on your is so georgeous!

sarah, flourish design + style said...

Oh, that bright graphic toile on the bed.. Lovely! So nice to meet you! xx

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled that my toile design can be enjoyed by so many! :)