Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"I am in LOVE with..."

 Via Made By girl.  She has pink too. Super Cute. 
Also stop by her etsy shop she has great wall art.

I t seems that since I have started blogging I say "I am in LOVE with this, or in LOVE with that all of the time"! I think it is time to find a new catch phrase, My little Boy has even started saying it...."Mommy, I am in LOVE with that pillow, I am in LOVE with that car, I LOVE that chair" "I LOVE this, I LOVE that"....
(My favorite is plain old "I Love you Mommy:)


I was thinking, since The Rachel Zoe Project premiers tonight on Bravo that I should start saying  "I Die" or "Bananas".  or both

Photo: Courtesy of Christopher Sauve

What is your catch phrase, I really need a new one!


Jen of Made By Girl said...

Thank you Gretchen- I will mention you in an upcoming thank you post! :)

Leah said...

Oh I "love this"! too! So cute!


Lynn Monroe said...

that it too cute!

samia said...

Well I think coming in the blog world its hard to let go of saying " I love this.. I love that " it just has to be there.. and the ever impersonating kids are sure to pick this up.. I cant wait to hear myself through my daughter.. it is so darn cute.. :)