Friday, August 13, 2010

Vintage Desks on the brain...

My baby girl starts kindergarten on Monday!  It is an exciting time in our house...and Eliza is the most excited of all.   She can't wait for homework!  She even thinks getting up early is going to be fun...(not so much for her love to sleep in mom:)  With all of this school talk,  it got me to thinking about the desks that I used when I started school, and what people are doing with them now.  Here are a few ideas.  I am a sucker for industrial chic, and I think an old school desk fits the bill.

I really like this idea.  

Isn't this kitchen great???  Loving the fridge.


(a really fun site that features kids room design)

This is where old desks go to wait for someone's next great decorating project....look at all of the colors...I am a bit inspired.  Maybe this is a project I will do, when I have all of this extra time on my hands when good ol' school starts...

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