Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Yardwork.

Paintings by one of my favorite artists Kelly Reemtsen.  I absolutely adore her work.

Today is yardwork day...planting season is right around the corner, so we must clean and prepare and weed, so that SOMEDAY we might have a beautiful garden.  You have to start somewhere.  I will probably just be weilding a shovel and hose, a little afraid of the chainsaw (that would be husband's department!)  Have a great sunday.


Rene said...

I adore her work as well and only wish I looked as good while gardening.

We will be doing the same thing today Gretchen. I need to go outside to make that my husband is not committing crepe murder on the crepe myrtles :) The weeds are all that is growing now. Grrr.


Gretchen said...

So husband and I always joke about crepe murders! And ALL i have are weeds and dirt right overwhelming...


mom said...

I should be doing yardwork as well but
the lawnmower broke and it's hot and I'm old
so I'm reading a book under the ceiling fan
on my front porch --SOMEBODY'S got
to do it :-}

Gretchen said...

best intentions...turns out we hung blinds instead. Oh well, yardwork for another day...I still love this artist.

pve design said...

There is a famous photo of Sophia Loren wearing a taffeta gown and holding a leaf blower...maybe that was this artist's inspiration. I think my tool would be washer and dryer, ugh, can you tell it is laundry day, and my 13th year of herding kids to school.
Calgon take me away!!!
Pretty tick-tocks though and never use digital as it shows life in the moment and not ahead....I read that recently.