Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No Air Conditioning...

We were without AC for 24 hours...THE HORROR!!!!  The porch was the only place that took the edge off (when 95 degrees feels cool you know you are in trouble.)  I call our porch the front porch off the back, b/c it looks like what I wanted just off the back...which really is better, more privacy.  I can't wait to make my way out to the porch in terms of design.  But it will do for now....gotta get the inside finished first.  But it works, and made me really happy we added it in our renovation.

This is our house in May set up for a birthday celebration.  Less than a month after moving in so please disregard lack of grass, landscaping, and bit of mess.  B/C it could have looked like THIS...

Before the porch...we are making progress, no??? (BTW: before we moved in)

There is nothing better than a good Southern Porch... here is a little inspiration...I am definitely closer than I was before...

via Velvet and Linen  Brooke Gianetti's home before they enclosed the porch.  Looks a little similar to ours...
Can't wait for grass!

via Tartanscot

via coastal living


via coastal living crisp white makes it feel cooler...wonder if the was taken in 110 degree heat??

via martha stewart  Love the farmhouse picnic.   thinking 4th of July??

via southern living  We have a blue ceiling too! 

BTW: the AC was fixed and we have now retreated inside. Makes you appreciate the AC.  Lifes Luxeries


Rene said...

I would be happy with any of those lovelies. Your porch is fabulous and I can't wait to see what you do with it.

That's a bummer about the AC :(


Gretchen said...

turns out it was just a small part that needed to be replaced...crisis averted:)

Velvet and Linen said...

Hi Gretchen.

Thank you for letting me know that you included a picture of my home in your post. It's always appreciated!
I'm honored that you found inspiration in our work :)


Darryl Iorio said...

What happened to your AC? I can’t remember the last time we experienced such an inconvenience, all I know is we don’t want it happening again. Anyway, with regular maintenance, I’m sure that you won’t be hassled by your AC again.

-Darryl Iorio

Harold Rhoads said...

If I own a house that has a front porch like yours, I think I will still be able to stand the heat once our AC gets broken. You see, it looks breezy outside! I’d love to spend more time on the porch rather than indoors. I can comfortably read books or listen to my favorite music while I’m having cold drinks. Sounds refreshing, right? ;)

Harold Rhoads

Launce Newlove said...

I can't imagine a summer day without an AC! Good thing we have never encountered any problem with our AC; we don't have a porch where we can hang out in a hot summer day. Anyway, make full use of your porch! It's always nice breathe in fresh air once in a while.

-Launce Newlove

Steph Stephanie said...

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