Monday, August 23, 2010

What time is it????

via etsy and Albertine Press...
I think this image is really pretty, and the letterpress work is fabulous.

It is MONDAY and  is it REALLY time to get up?  And so it goes, the next 13 years of my life.  I am sure I will get used to it, I am actually getting a TON done.  I look at the clock at 9am and say, 'wow, look  what I have accomplished already.

Some Clockspiration for your Monday.

via etsy and Making Time Etc.   I really love these plate clocks. 
Since you can buy the mechanisms the possibilities are endless.

via etsy and Decoylab (one talented graphic designer Momma)

another Decoylab creation.  AMAZING!!!

Sasa Clock
The concept:  The time is read from the color coded necklace. Each bead represents a 5 minute increment. As the wheel turns, every 5 minutes a bead drops down the cord. Orange beads represent hours, gold and silver beads represent noon and midnight. To tell the time, simply find the gold or silver bead, count the orange "hour" beads and then the blue "minute" beads until the last one to have slipped down the cord. In the full length image shown here, the time is 2:55pm.

Can be had from Heads Up Company

Have a great Monday.  I am trying:)

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