Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tablecloth to shower curtain!

What would you do with this

Tree of Life table Runner from World Market

and  this

Tree of Life Table Cloth from World Market.


Bottom Detail

Top Pleated Detail

This is one of the easiest sewing projects I have ever done.  I would call myself a lazy sewer, I especially hate hems and finish detail.  (in fact I have been known to be so excited about a project, I leave these minor details undone...please don't pull up the bottom of ANY of my curtains:)  Anyway, I found this tablecloth at World Market (they were 30% off) and thought the teal in the fabric design went perfectly in my teal bathroom.   Forgive me that i did not take pictures of this process.  But it is really simple.

Set aside about 30 minutes. REALLY, it is SO easy.

A.) Most shower curtains are 72" square.  The table cloth that I chose was 60"X90".

B) to make up for the 90" width, I added Pinch Pleats to the top for a little detail.  Just spaced where I wanted the 12 rings and pinched. If I was off by an inch or two you really can't tell. (90"-18"=72"(each pinch was 1.5))

C) Add the 12" runner to the bottom (60" +12"=72" length  it s already 90" long) COMPLETELY finished detail, it adds some weight to the bottom because it is double backed so the curtain hangs really well.

D) Add button holes along the top for the rings, or you could do the clips an even easier option

E) VOILA, hang your curtain.

World Market and many other stores have great designs for their tablecloths and runners...the possibilities are endless!

I hope enjoy this project as much as I did!


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Rene said...

Bravo! You are a genius! This idea is going in my file.


Michelle said...

LOVE it!!!