Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11:11 Make a Wish!

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Have any of you ever heard of this???....when you look at the clock and it is 11:11 you make a wish....Well today you get to make wishes ALL DAY!!  (I am taking a bit of liberty, since it REALLY is 1/11/11, but the day and year make 11:11)

Sidenote addition: My brain isn't working very well today...I think it is freezing up!  I didn't even think of every 11th day of every month this 2011th year...but I declare NOW that we get to make wishes all day long on those days..and at 11:11 make a really special one...AND on 11/ 11/11 make a really, really special one!  Seriously my head hurts.

I have to say, I really don't wish for much...I mean,  there are a lot of THINGS that I want and lust after, but I have a healthy, happy  family, and that is all that I could really WISH for. I am one happy and content girl.

There have been a few times, when pulling all of the clothes out of my closet and having a fit about what to wear, that I have wished to be a bit more stylish....so it was a surprise to me when I was awarded this...

I am not really sure what the criteria are, but I am, well, flattered:) 

I am supposed to write 7 things about me, and then pass it on to 7 other people.  I have to be honest and have a confession to make these things STRESS me OUT!...as in, it reminds me of the "tell me your favorite "fill in the blank".  which changes for me daily and has always made my palms sweat and heart race when asked these questions.... And then I have to CHOOSE 10 other people, when I could think of so many more....  So I am going to do something terrible...I am going to break the rules...

And just THANK the person who awarded me.

I was awarded this by a new very stylish blogger friend, Kathy from My Interior Life.  I knew we were kindrid spirits when I saw this chair that she is painting orange for her son. 

which is very similar to a chair that I have...

Kathy THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  I really am flattered!

It is another snow day here! Brrrrrrr!


The Buzz said...

Does that mean that all wishes will come true at 11:11 on November 11th this year? I'm in the same boat - I'm happy with my life so I don't wish for much - except perhaps that the snow will stop falling. expecting another 14" tonight - yikes!

My Interior Life said...

It stressed me out too, so I totally understand. You are one stylish girl though, so you really deserve this award.

I agree about the wishes - I'm a very happy girl too because my family is happy and healthy. That's all that really matters.

Hope you're still enjoying the snow!

Rene said...

Congratulations Gretchen :)

mom said...

I DID it!! :-) I was in the car at 11:11 and was able to touch the dashboard clock -- I don't make wishes, I just feel lucky for the rest of the day. And since today is 1-11-11 I think that the luck lasts longer - at least for a week. (I like to make up my own rules:-)
You ALL make me smile

pve design said...

stay warm....off to send you a fab image -

grow girl said...

On all remaining 11:11s I will wholeheartedly wish that more girls had sisters like YOU! J t'adore (and allow me to take that fashionista title between the two of us-- cin cin!)

Amy R. said...

I wish you a wonderful 2011 Gretchen! Congrats on your award.

Amy R.

pretty pink tulips said...

I love any excuse to make a wish --- so here's to a happy, healthy, joy filled 2011!!!

xo Elizabeth