Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The "Ultimate" Home Office

cool floor, really like the chair, the metal on the turned leg desk...hmmmm...notice anything?

My mother in law did her Magazine drop off yesterday on their way thru town.  (I am lucky that she gives me many of her old issues to peruse) I was happy to find a Martha Stewart with "The Ultimate Home Office" as the cover. Since my home office/guest bedroom is another room that I am in great need of decorating.

I have a desk in the kitchen where I do most of my day to day work...but when I need to spread out, I have all of my STUFF in the guest bedroom.  With my recent discovery of how I like to draw and sketch, I have been thinking that I need to make the room a a bit better...more functional.

Back to the magazine cover...do you notice anything?  I was really happy to find a cover with "The Ultimate Home Office" on the cover, and have always been a fan of Martha's Ideas. (although rarely implemented in my house:)  I was immediately drawn to the cupboard above the desk, and the desk itself....but it seemed a bit clutterered...WHY?  Hmmmm, 'funny, they have a vintage computer on the desk I thought to myself.'  Who would do that???  Is that the new trend?   Then I realized I was looking at a magazine from November 1993!!!!  Almost 20 YEARS ago, I was still in high school!!!...Some good design never changes.  Just goes to show, Vintage NEVER goes out of style....Martha was really on to something:)

Here are the other photos from the spread.  Enjoy the blast from the past.

Nice shelving design...thank goodness our computers are now smaller!

Oh look, this person is super lucky with a LAPTOP! 
Vintage chairs, desks, fresh flowes NEVER go out of style!

Look at that nailhead desk...I think I have seen one of those recently....

Just in Southern Living this past month....Heather Chadduck's Restful retreat. 
Maybe she has been perusing the old magazines for inspiration too:)  Oh, and the fabric...that is Victoria Hagan too!  Much better with out that honker of a computer on the desk...no?

Seriously, I am really lucky to have a mother-in law that has kept all of these magazines in pristine condition.  I even have one of Martha's first issues.  There is some good stuff, timeless design....Vintage NEVER goes out of style!  

Have a great day...it is supposed to be rainy and cold today...hmmmm MAYBE I could just sit with my coffee all day and just peruse the old back issues...


The Buzz said...

Well, it's snowing yet again in our neck of the woods which means my home office will be put to good use! I have to share mine with teenage boys so it would be nice to have something all to myself... Sigh!

Rene said...

You are right Gretchen, vintage never goes out of style. That explains my magazine hoarding. I still love to spend an afternoon looking through old Martha's & Cottage Livings.


Anonymous said...

currently working on my own home office/hobby space. found a couple of the 'vintage' pics were right up to par with current trends. :) post coming soon w/ my results!

pve design said...

Wonderful home offices...to work in pajamas! (or not!)

My Interior Life said...

Truly timeless! Gotta love Martha. She always does a great job. I love perusing magazines - from any era. Enjoy!

LiveLikeYou said...

That sounded like you were describing my life!! I have a desk in the kitchen. And a semi office in the dining room. Things are all over. My friend just told me "you're crazy to not make your extra guestroom an office!!" She is sooooo right! I LIVE in my work space-why not make it great? So that's my next project when the other makeovers are done.


Not sure I would have even noticed that!!! It is amazing that those images have some of the styles of today! I can not keep old magazines because of space. I have started just ripping out my favorite images....sad I know!

pretty pink tulips said...

I have a little desk area by the kitchen, but it's loud down there and lots going on. So, I've retreated to my bedroom where I have a little skirted table and can look at my 2nd story window. But, the new West Elm metallic desk is in route! More room to write (or type) on!!!

xo E