Monday, January 17, 2011

Interiors Reflected.

via Dreamy Whites
I was doing my normal searching around for inspiration the other day and came across a new blog (to me) Dreamy Whites.  She has actually been blogging for a while, and has just opened an Online Shop. My first introduction to her decor was via a reflection in a mirror. INGENIOUS!  Have you ever noticed how your decor is reflected in a mirror?  I did some searching and found many photos of interiors reflected.  Enjoy the reflection inspiration!

via Dreamy Whites
Dreamy Whites eclectic living room
Via Dreamy Whites
I love that you can see so much of her home thru the reflections!

Via the New Issue of Lonny!  Gorgeous!

via House Beautiful
Have always loved this room!
via House Beautiful
Via House Beautiful
This just aludes to what is in the room....I imagine a worn and beautifully patinaed room.
via Houzz
via windlost
(Windsor Smith I think)

Soooooo, I had to include a couple of my interior reflections...

My little foyer table and staircase.

My living room.

And I would also like to thank 2 VERY stylish bloggers for including me in the Stylish Blogger award...(you will thank me that I spared you my reflection in this post:)  Off to the side I am still in my robe, with hair a mess, no get the picture:) 

So I am going to stick with my policy of THANKING those that included me, but breaking the rules and not posting 7 things about me, and passing it along (if your wondering why you can read here.)

Jill Sorenson from Live Like You Blog and Marmalade Interiors.  When you see her bio and interiors she is totally the poster girl for Stylish!  AND she has a shop opening up soon!  SOOO Excited to see what great things she has.


My friend, Elizabeth, from Pretty Pink Tulips,  a vera stylish blogger that has been incredibly supportive of me and my blog.  She has an amazing style and beautiful home.

You MUST check both of them out!

Happy Monday, and Martin Luther King Day!


pretty pink tulips said...

Your post is just a beautiful reflection of you and your interior design eye!!!

xo Elizabeth

i4Design said...

Love this post!

LiveLikeYou said...

I believe no rooms are complete without a mirror. Being on the Tony Duquette kick that I am "mirrors adds the magic in a room"...Great post!

quintessence said...

I've always loved these reflected images. Your picks are fabulous and I love yours as well - I grew with up a pair of opaline lamps like yours - always loved them!

Anonymous said...

as a former Realtor, some of the best photos i ever took of homes, were the reflections of rooms. great post! also, been following dreamy whites for a while.. really beautiful eye she has. :)

The Buzz said...

Love these white interiors which reflect elegance and calm - wish I could have more of that in household of boys! Congratulations on your nomination!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Love all the beautiful white images. You are indeed a Stylish Blogger!

Meredith Jewell said...

Love this post! Especially since I just took photos a little over a week ago of three new "pieces" added to our house and one of them has a mirror, so I used the mirror in my photos to capture other items in my guest bedroom. Can't believe I even thought about trying to make my photo more's no 'Gretchen decor photo', but it's a start! :)

pve design said...

I am loving all that white and of course mirrors add so much light to a space....just like your blog adds so much light to my day.
congrats on the award...of course you are so deserving. You are one talented lady.