Monday, January 10, 2011


The Homestead....isn't she pretty in the snow!

 I am LOVIN the Retro Camera App on my Android takes such fun cool pics...especially of the snow.


f you have been watching the news, you might already know....the south is covered in the white fluffy stuff ( tonight it will be ice!!!)  Twice in a few weeks, something we are NOT used to....!!!!   Of course the schools are closed....sooooooo we spent the morning sledding.  As  you can see, we live on a fairly flat road, but turn left at the stop sign and you go downhill!   After that, we had lunch at a neighbor's home, white chicken chili....YUM!!!! The kids played, and we toasted  the snow with Mimosa's!!!  Can't get any better than that:)

Tonight there is the threat of mass power outages because of the ice, so hopefully we keep power and stay nice and toasty.

Happy Monday All...I have a feelin' we will be playing lots of board games until Thursday....really 6" of snow paralyzes the south:)

For those of you that are used to being snowed in, any tips or favorite things you do???


LiveLikeYou said...

Beautiful!! What a pretty house. Love the the phone app. I've seen it around-want to get it for my Iphone. Enjoy the snow!!

Allison said...

The snow is so pretty! I wish we would get snow every so often where I live. Sounds like a fun day you've had. Stay warm and cozy!

The Buzz said...

How cool is that app?! I don't know about the snow, though, since we are bracing ourselves for the third storm in about as many weeks. We're up to 36" in our neck of the woods and it's getting a little much... But the sledding and hot cocoa are fun!

My Interior Life said...

We got about 4 inches in the Nashville area so we were sledding today as well. Love your photos!

By the way, I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award today on my blog!

Enjoy the snow!

Meredith Jewell said...

Wow! Your house is beautiful in the snow (and without the snow). I love the white with black accents. Hope you guys had fun today! We sure did, too!

pve design said...

Lovely home all covered in snow! We try to relax on snow days and my kids play outside. It is always welcome for the children to have a snow day. I need to stock up as we are expecting a storm this week too.

A Perfect Gray said...

your house looks awesome in snow...

Fran said...

So pretty, Gretchen!! Enjoy the snow!! Isn't sledding the best??

Rene said...

Cool app! Have fun with your family Gretchen. I'm loving the snow.


pretty pink tulips said...

Oh, Gretchen, your home is so beautiful!! I'm preparing for a snow day tomorrow. Got a movie ready and going to get my firewood in place. After that.....a scavenger hunt in the house and some artwork.

That white chicken chili and mimosas sound amazing! That's what I wish I had in place.

Stay warm!
xoxo Elizabeth

knack said...

your photos look great...your house is so pretty!

we are snowed in here too.....looks like it will be thursday or so before people start getting out:)

lots of sledding , movies and games!


Amy R. said...

Your house is lovely. Great app!

Amy R.

Loretta Fontaine (APPLESandRUBIES) said...

Gretchen- Love the old-fashioned pics (or "old-FLASH-ioned" as my Son H would say! We don't correct him!)

Such serenity with the gorgeous icing of snow!