Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Color Charts make me happy!

I don't know about you, but I can pour over color fan decks, and color charts for what seems like hours.  The day I got my Pantone Color Decks and Benjamin Moore paint decks were highlights of my design career:)  It just makes me happy.   This arrived in my mailbox yesterday...via Spoonflower.  1 Yard of a Cotton/Linen blend with all of the Pantone Colors on it.  NOW, I can look at my Pantone fandeck, (a graphic designers necessity) and see how it translates onto the fabric...YIPPEE!!! I am thinking this fabric itself would look great as a pillow...hmmmm.

Do you all know about Spoonflower???  It is a company that prints on demand your own textile designs on a digital printer...the possibilities are endless.   You can also peruse designs that other unknown designers have created.  A fun source for new and unknown textile designs. 
designed by Tammikins

This Color Chart was designed by another graphic designer Tammikins who has the Blog Art, Alphabets and Adventure from Minnesota.  You an see her textile designs here. Above is one of  my favorites of her designs..I love letters and numbers too!

I designed and ordered some about a year ago, but wasn't happy with the color matching. 
SOOOO,  I decided it do it the "right" way this time. 
Let the designing begin!!!!  I have been sketching up a storm, and can't wait to get something to Spoonflower to make into a project.  Pillows, curtains, ....thinking I might infuse my own designs into the fabric choices upstairs in the bedrooms.  Ambitious, but I think it will be fun and worth it.

Have you all heard that Lauren from the Pure Style Home Blog is coming out with a fabric line?  Her moxi to just go for it, and make it happen,  has been truly inspiring.  I can't wait to see what she has come up with!

I would spend all day designing, BUT I have a client meeting, to start picking out the finishes for the kitchen renovation.   Which is just another kind of design. These days make me super happy, and makes me think I am doing the right thing.

Stay tuned.


Hooper Patterson said...

Hey Gretchen! thanks for visiting our site! I to have a thing going with my Ben. Moore fan deck. Love it! Off to read more!
-Ann (

designchic said...

What a fun pillow that would many choices...

pretty pink tulips said...

I love that pantone palette for a pillow!! I still have the Benjamin Moore paint deck from when I did my house in Charlotte. It's like a friend now!

I am so excited to see Lauren's new textile line. She has one called Thistle.....guess where I live? Thistle Ln!

And, you are definitely in the flow....keep going with it!
xo e

quintessence said...

What a great source!! And very clever to have the pantone colors on the fabric - really makes a difference. That's why Pantone produces so many color decks (coated, uncoated etc.) but the colors really do change depending on the application. Looking forward to seeing your fabric!!

My Interior Life said...

Very cool. You are inspiring me to do something - just need to get out there and do it! I guess Nike's slogan is popular for a reason. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

The Zhush said...

I just discovered spoonflower last week, what an incredible idea! Can not wait to see what you create!