Monday, January 24, 2011

Learning from Osmosis

My new pillows for the bedroom!

 It is no secret that I love the color green.  It finds its way into many of my projects...just look at my blog design and you can see a trend!  I have been wanting to start my master bedroom design, (among MANY other things) it has been stewing around in my head for a while...white walls, white linens, with green accents...but the green has to be JUST RIGHT.  Well, the other day I came across these pillows done in a linen fabric designed by Victoria Hagan in early spring green! THIS is the color I have been looking for!!!  So of course I bought the pillows (something that I NEVER do, because I normally make my own...) but I just HAD to have that green.   So now I have my jumping off point....and can't wait to get started on the rest.  Now that I have these pillows, I started reading into the designer behind the fabric...I had heard of her before, but not looked into her website.

On to Victoria Hagan....a interiors super star, having been inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame to name just one of her accomplishments.   You can read more about her here.

Her rooms are just gorgeous....the way she uses a very clean backdrop for her designs, using white on the walls in most of her work.  However, you don't notice the walls are "just" white, or "just" woodwork because the rooms sing with what  really matters which is the fabrics and furniture and artwork.   

"I strive for graphic, elegant and appropriate interiors," says designer Victoria Hagan. 

I would say she accomplishes that!  NOTE: I did have many photos from her portfolio but the links are all broken....To see her portfolio go here.

I am going to try to channel her with my bedroom design....
Maybe I can learn from osmosis with my head on my  new pillows:)  I can try anyway:) 
Or I can buy her NEW book...

Happy Monday!


Rene said...

Yay for pretty pillows and the perfect green. I don't blame you one bit for not making those yourself.


Anonymous said...

it is a FANTASTIC shade of green. i would call that a 'happy' green. :)
have fun designing a beautiful space!

My Interior Life said...

Your pillows are gorgeous! Love Victoria Hagan. I actually bought a couple of her side tables from her Target line a while back. I should definitely check out her book!

Amy R. said...

Your pillows are really pretty. You did a fantastic job.

Amy R.


I have always loved her fabrics! AND her design style...on of my favs.