Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Paint by Numbers...a phenomenon!

via midcenteryjo
This is just a gorgeous wall of paint by numbers so colorful!

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Any dog lover would adore this
via Country Living the White Issue on shelves now! Loving it!
Mountain scenes for a mountain house...Perfect!
When flipping through the recent Country Living Magazine (which is fantabulous) BTW, I noticed this wall of paintings...and not until I was reading Milk and Honey Homes raving reviews on the recent issue of Country Living did I realize they were the old Paint by numbers that were all the rage in the 1950's.

via Completely Coastal

There is a great article on the subject at Completely Coastal.  I had no idea there is a Paint by Number Museum, that the Smithsonian did an exihibit back in 2002.  Who knew/??

You may now be inspired to start your own paint by number collection....I just might have the perfect place for you to start, because I felt compelled to picked one up to put in my etsy shop The Collected Home , it would be perfect for a little girl's room, or a fan of ballet.  Put in a collection with a few other dancing Paint by Numbers would be a beautiful on a wall of artwork.  I love how this one has blocked out color, and the colors are really pretty too, purples, and turquoise and pink.  It really is too bad my little one isn't a fan of dance...because it would be stayin!

The purple velvet tufted chair just might be something that goes in the shop too...
notice the embroidered  pillow and the design, that might be available too, just sayin:)
Happy Collecting! Now off to find some of  the horse artwork....I think I know a little girl that it would be perfect for.

If you are interested the artwork will be $45 plus shipping and in my etsy shop later today, but if you are interested zip me an email too.


Rene said...

I have been tempted by these when I make my rounds lately in the antique stores. There is something about those old colors that reels me in.


pretty pink tulips said...

What a kick!!! My boys received paint by numbers from a friend for Christmas.....perhaps it will be the beginning of a collection!

xoxo E

Julie said...

Gretchen, I love the one you got! What a fun post--I am a little obsessed with them.

Best of wishes on your store. Good things yet to come. Julie

Meredith Jewell said...

Love the wall decor as I have always been a fan of images of rooms with different frame sizes and/or photos that build a story more than just hang on the wall. But I do have a question...because I am interested in "antiquing" recently and would love to know your favorite local hot spots!

The Buzz said...

To think that our parents tossed out all the pain by number paintings we did as kids (and there were quite a few!) I could have lined the wall up the stairs with them. Love how you found other interiors that showed off the paintings!

quintessence said...

Hysterical - who knew there was a museum!! We of course had them as kids but were hardly collectible!

LiveLikeYou said...

What an fun unusual post! Love it. I did a play a couple of years ago(my other some time job...) with Ted Lande, (the bartender on the Love Boat) and during breaks he always worked on a paint by numbers. He had done it for years and had tons. This gave me such a flash back!! Will check out the new items in your shop!

The Zhush said...

This post is so nostalgic and charming...love this "Trend" and the ballet paint by numbers is by far my favorite!