Friday, January 7, 2011

Green with Envy

via House Beautiful
February 2011 Issue
Interiors by Gideon Mendelson

If ever there was a kitchen....My heart skipped a might say I am little green:)

(the photo is a little blown out, but I believe that the detail panels on the island are repeated above the range) 

Happy Friday Everyone!!!


The Buzz said...

Too funny - I pulled the same image for a Monday Mood. There's something about that green that feels so fresh and juicy to me... especially on a snowy day like today! Happy weekend!

Rene said...

I do love green!


My Interior Life said...

Wow, love it! Still haven't received my HB in the mail yet. Starting to wonder if I remembered to renew my subscription. Hmm.

pretty pink tulips said...

You are too cute! Green was never my favorite color...but I must admit, it's growing on me!!!

Happy weekend - we have SNOW!
xo Elizabeth

Allison said...

That is a fun kitchen! I never thought of using that much green in a ktichen but I like it. What a happy ceiling! I love the apple green tea kettle, too. Have a great weekend, Gretchen.

Anonymous said...

I am green with envy of that kitchen! Beautiful!
Happy New Year!


WOW...I think my heart skipped a beat on that one also.

quintessence said...

Love green AND this fabulous kitchen. What a fabulous idea to remember for a ceiling!!

The enchanted home said...

Wouldnt have the guts to paint my kitchen green BUT I love that kitchen..fabulous. I am a very big green fan in general....and use lots of it in my decor. Very pretty.